Noga Sachs for Congress

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Sachs for the Facts

Reaching out to Congressional District 2 of Missouri for the facts about what matters to you!

Why I’m Running

I was working out of South America in Q1  when I learned about the tragedy in Florida our country suffered.  I knew then that my nation needed me – to provide my message regarding resiliency in the face of this trauma, to structure organizational development that enables prosocial solutions and thriving, to hear their voices and offer my hand and heart in the face of this shared grieving.  I changed my flight to leave from the country I was in at the time to rush back home and file my candidacy just in time to provide my best effort to give back to my community and country even just a fraction of what it has given to me.

My main platform focuses on a forward-thinking, positive emphasis, enabling career growth for the individual, dissolving negativity and caustic enemy mentalities for the community, growing our economy and wealth for the larger community and exemplifying the Missouri goodness and human nature that will drive our population back home to MO to restore our population and political influence on the national platform.  My promise to District 2 is to vote for the prosocial, sustainable best interest of my constituents, regardless of party lines and pressure.


I can only truly serve my people with excellence if I fully understand the facts – the facts of what really matters to them and how my representation will impact their livelihood.

Sachs for the Facts Campaign – Connecting with Missouri District 2

Follow the Sachs for the Facts campaign twitter feed to learn how and where Noga Sachs is connecting to the community near you. Come by to say hello if you’re nearby – I’d love to connect with you!

Outside of my Starbucks, St. Louis cuisine and gym affinities, I am passionate about providing our youth the motivation and resiliency they need to overcome the tough events that have afflicted high schools across the nation.  I am working with my campaign manager and education professional, Ben Yavitz (WashU ’05 M.ED), to connect with as many school districts that have the capacity to provide my engaging signature resiliency motivational speech.  If you are a MO D2 School Districts administrator who we haven’t contacted yet, click here to schedule a free district 2 high school resilience motivational speech.   Each of these speeches will be followed by a town hall meeting with the larger community where there is capacity.  If you are a MO district 2 city politician or council member who we haven’t contacted yet, click here to schedule a town hall in your city. Check out the Noga Sachs for Congress Facebook page for more information about upcoming Sachs for the Facts community activities and to leave any comments or concerns on the wall. You can also send me a private message at  I read everything, even if I can’t respond directly to each comment or message, but I love a good, organic conversation, so please do share your thoughts and comments.  I look forward to hearing from and meeting with as many of you as possible!


Noga Sachs is an Organizational Development Change Management expert who brings a fresh, modern approach to the second congressional district of Missouri.  Noga’s specialty in healthcare, specializing in mental health and Well-being have been integral to the exploration of holistic, well-being focused physical and mental health solutions for top healthcare organizations, such as Alere, Kaiser Permanente, Aetna, Cigna and United Healthcare. Noga has applied her specialty in mental health to the organizational development of large populations, resulting in sustainable significant health cost savings, improved mental health, and sustainability.