Issues we’re working to address. Together.  

  • Town halls – we need to talk and hear each other – both before the election and after. I’d like to hear from GOP supporters, Democrats and libertarians alike.  Click here to learn more about future events, town halls, and party developments. Click here [link] to submit a comment or concern to Noga.
  1. Social Services Funds
    1. We don’t help people who need help if we only give them money without guidance and training on how to use, sustain and earn funds. We weaken and disable the person to whom we only provide money.
    2. Implement high quality, reinforced rehabilitation programs, and resources
    3. Never neglect a neighbor in need
      Give a man a fish; he’ll eat for a day, Teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime”  
  2. Media and news sources
    1. Fact vs Opinion differentiation. Indicated first in listed news sources
  3. Updated communication and infrastructure
    1. Update campaign communication and volunteer outlets to match modern
    2. Update government websites and technical capabilities
  4. Healthcare and Mental Health
    1. Reduce/minimize inflammatory statements against other parties
      1. We set a poor example to youth if we can’t stand by our own standards
        “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”
    2. Normalize mentally healthy, noncombative interactions
    3. Focus on well-being and thriving to rehabilitate mentally unhealthy as well as enable mentally currently unhealthy and healthy to experience joy, growth and thrive! Reestablish protection for our Youth (rather than against the youth we suspect may attack)
  1. Reclaim our delegate vote – in 2010 we lost some of our neighbors and with a decreased constituency, we lost congressional representation



School Gun Violence and the 2nd Amendment

  • No 2nd amendment restriction or banning of anything
    1. People will find a way to get guns anyway
    2. Violence with cars and kitchen knives as well – we can’t ban those
  • Improve response to violence with improved collaboration with police departments
    • Colonel Spies of Brentwood PD developed a training program for workplaces and schools
    • School/workplace admin know who to call and what to expect
  • Root cause of violence is feeling unheard, emotional regulation and blaming culture
    • Buck stops here – Noga won’t pass blame, she addresses the problems directly for solutions that last
    • Noga is a culture transformation expert – she knows how to recover accountability and emotion regulation
  • Train journalists, school admins and teachers, students
    1. Nonviolent communication
    2. Listening skills
    3. Motivation and accountability

Pro-life and Pro-choice are too late. We need to address why unwanted pregnancies happen to reduce it to only essential procedures

  • Roe v Wade is not going to get overturned. We need to change this bickering about what happens after an unintended pregnancy to a constructive one about preventing unintended pregnancies from happening in the first place
  • We can’t afford the moral and financial burden these unintended or irresponsible pregnancies bear on society
  • The choice to become a parent needs to be a responsible, deliberate choice as much as possible
  • Causes of nonessential unwanted pregnancies
    1. Rape/Incest
      • We need these crimes more easily reported and better prosecuted so men don’t feel they can so easily commit this crime without punishment.
    2. Emotion regulation training addresses impulses leading to rape as well
      • Lack of knowledge

3.  As a matter of public health must provide insemination and STI infection education as required curriculum

4.  Education around financial requirements of child rearing to avoid unrealistic expectations of abilities to support a child

  • Access to birth control
    • Public condom dispensary as a matter of public health – this addresses contraception and STI spread
    • We have the highest STI rate in the country
  • Noga has led work to motivate large populations to take on the health behaviors that lead to these significant cost savings


  • Noga has served as a benefits administrator and has saved millions of dollars in healthcare spend in her work
  • Currently, MO leaves millions of dollars of federal funding to healthcare that translates directly to higher cost to the citizens
  • More than 30% of St. Charles County has no healthcare coverage
  • Low or no coverage to citizens amounts to inappropriate use of ERs, which can cost 10x more than normal care and is charged directly to the citizens of MO

Noga is an Israeli-American who plans to serve an essential role in our relationship with Israel

  • US relationship with Israeli is an unbreakable friendship based on internationally distinct, shared values
  • Noga is fluent in Hebrew and English, understands Israeli and American cultures and can serve the essential role of ensuring clear communication of both sides and maintaining strength in the US-Israel relationship