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It’s been great to meet so many of you and hear your perspectives!  Thanks so much for sharing and partying with me all around District 2!


I’ve always been taught that you should make the world around you a little brighter, give back whenever possible and earn the generosity and good will that you receive.  This is one of the many reasons why the Sachs for the Facts campaign is centered around a platform of giving back to the community today to demonstrate the great value we will bring to District 2 and the larger Missouri community tomorrow.


Noga has applied her

organizational development expertise to generate a sustainable, lean system to accomplish the following objectives:

  • A low cost, modern, minimal waste campaign
  • A series of community engagement events
  • A series of community youth emotional support and growth events
  • A cost-free career develop
    ment  and training program
  • A cost-free Career enablement and employment growth program

Sachs for the Facts Community Improvement System:

Our last two presidents have made it abundantly clear that


your social media presence and

action can make a serious impact on the people you love, your community and even the world!  The Sachs for the 

Facts campaign is rooted in cost-free publicity methods that give back to the community in the way of connection and understanding District 2 emotional, practical and political needs.  Our campaign makes smart use of modern technology combined with a streamlined organizational design to avoid senseless expense and waste.  Our campaign makes smart, sustainable use of all contributions while giving back to the community youth and workforce today and future growth and thriving in the larger Missouri community tomorrow.

Sachs for the Facts Community Contributions Today

Noga Sachs for Congress Contributions Tomorrow

    1. Improve mental health in the youth and larger community
    2. Increase attractiveness of and population/representation for Missouri
    3. Blur party lines – we all have the same objectives; reaching across the aisle to establish bipartisan implementation strategies
    4. Vote for sustainable, prosocial solutions regardless of party lines
    5. Reestablish trust between constituents and politicians
    6. Empower the population to vote and run for office by running a campaign on nearly free resources, like Trump and Obama